Why does my dog need training?


Dogs don’t ask for much: food, water, and lots of love. However, they also need structure. Many times we expect our four legged friends to know exactly what to do and when to do it. Dogs can’t possibly know what we expect of them if we never teach them what we want from them. We get frustrated when Duke jumps up on visitors or leaves a smelly surprise for us on the living room floor.


We constantly try to communicate with our dogs using only our language. In order to have a successful and rewarding relationship with our dogs we must learn how to communicate with them using their language as well. All too often, we find ourselves addressing problem behaviors after they occur. My approach is simple: learn how to create the behaviors you want and address the ones you don’t before they happen.

I offer individualized training for dogs and their owners. Obedience packages consist of 5 one hour sessions which are conducted in your home on your schedule. Each program is tailored to meet you and your dog's individual needs, using positive reinforcement methods. Before trainging begins, an in home evaluation is requried to identify your dog's specific needs, home environment, and his present level of training.





Basic to Intermediate (Five Sessions)

Potty training
Watch Me
Sit / Down/ Stay
Leave it/ Drop it
Puppy mouthing / biting
Loose Leash Walking
Come when called (on leash)


Intermediate to Advanced (Five Sessions)

The 3 D’s : Distance, Distraction, Duration
Off Leash commands
'Real World' Scenarios (Around Town)

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) (Seven Sessions)
Prerequisite: Completion of Basic Training. Sessions designed to enable dog to
successfully pass the CGC test and certification qualification. 
Accepting a friendly stranger
Desensitization to common stimuli
Polite greeting of new dogs
Supervised Separation
Walking through a crowd
Reliable Recall


Behavior Modification Program

Reactivity to dogs and/or people

Every dog is an individual. Programs are customized to address your dogs behavioral needs. Duration and cost are evaluated on a case by case basis.

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