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Story of the Year - 2011


When my clients, Linda and Phil, called me they wanted to adopt a rescued english bulldog. The only problem was they already had another female bulldog, Miss Beatrice, in the home that was dog aggressive. I must be honest, I was not keen on this idea. Myself and their family veterinarian thought it sounded like a disaster waiting to happen. But they were determined to save Sasha, a beautiful english bulldog in need of a forever home. I told them that if they were intent on adoption, I was willing to help them anyway I could. I reminded them that even with the most consistent training, Miss Beatrice may never be able to share her home with another dog.


After 8 weeks of constant, positive behavior modification training and unfailing dedication from the owners, I am glad to say that Miss Beatrice and Sasha are now happily coexisting and even sharing their bed together! This is one of the most rewarding cases I have had the pleasure of working with. This proves that even when the odds are stacked against you, dedication, positive training, and lots of love can truly change a dog's life!


Please see below for a letter and photos from the owners of Miss Beatrice and Sasha:


Dear Miss Amy, Everything is going great!!! I attached a few photos for you and believe it or not I have epics that I just took this morning with Missy B and Sasha sleeping in the same bed after breakfast!!! I still have them separated  during prime time ( eating bone chewing sleeping etc) but going to park almost everyday and riding in the car which they both love :). Both dogs now play in the yard with their tennis balls and play nicely. I always have treats on hand, just in case, but they really are playing and cohabiting nicely, all thanks to you and your help.  We both appreciated what you did for our dogs and teaching us good structure for having well behaved pets!


Owners of Miss Beatrice and Sasha


















It has been my great pleasure to have known Ms. Amy Jacobsen since February 2009. I began puppy training then, with my 12 week old Siberian Husky named "BD" and I am glad to say I'm still amazed at how much she has been able to teach myself and my dog. BD is a registered therapy dog, and my service animal. He received all of his training exclusively from Amy, and it is because of her I am able to not only have a better quality of life, but I get to be accompanied by my best friend everywhere I go.


Without fail, everyone always asks how I was able to train such a strong willed work breed dog to be a submissive and obedient service dog- and I proudly tell them, "I didn't."


Whether in a private training session or during a group lesson, Amy is constantly able to engage the dog(s) and keep them directed on their tasks at hand while still helping the pet parents grasp the details of the exercise. Even in a full class, Amy is able to seamlessly switch from student to student to pet parent, with a finesse that leaves everyone attended to; regardless of whether or not each dog is doing a separate task. This enables everyone in the class to feel involved, as well as see what the rest of the group is involved in.


When you attend training at Paws On with Ms. Jacobsen, you're learning just as much if not more than your pet. I've never left a class with unanswered questions even if it means running a few minutes over. In addition, being able to call or send a message to her between classes is an invaluable resource.


Her character is impeccable, and she truly is the only person I trust enough that I'd leave my dog with. I have never seen her get frustrated in general, let alone at or around her furry students. I'm also very glad she has enough patience for the times I have forgotten to practice commands!


Training is one of the things I look forward to most during the week. I may have an incredibly well-trained dog, but that's is ONLY because he is constantly being challenged with new activities from a driven trainer. Ms. Jacobsen is the rare type of person who shows initiative as a small business owner, and takes it upon herself to keep current with the latest advances in her field- not only to keep her students challenged but maintain a level of professionalism that separates Paws On from the rest.


I would be proud to give Ms. Amy Jacobsen a reference as a Pet Training instructor. I am so confident with her abilities that If you attend one of her sessions and find her without a permanent smile and the most effective training methods, I'd tell you you're in the wrong place. I truly hope you feel the same way, because I'm certain your dog will.



Gabe Brown and "BD"





Hey Amy,

Thanks to your training, I was able to adopt a third shelter dog and
bring her in to our home with very little issues!

Bandit and Shea are helping us train her and they are letting her know
right from wrong. While adding in a little "hey when moms not looking
let's get into things we shouldn't!".

Shelter dogs I feel are the best kind of dogs, but they do come with
some really interesting issues, but with everything I have learned
from your sessions with my other two dogs I am able to address my new
dogs problems right away.

Contact Information


Paws On Dog Training, serving select areas in Somerset, Mercer and Middlesex Counties

The the first day we noticed she is very protective of her food and
toys. She would growl at the dogs if they came near her things. I
stopped that right away.

I have been training with them everyday and with only having her for
three days she is already trusting and bonding with us!

So once again THANK YOU for working with my boys and me and giving me
the training I needed to save another dog!!! Ps, the cats thank you

Danielle and "Bandit, Shea & Starr"







Our German shepherd puppy, Bella, was quite a handful ,very head strong and stubborn. With Amy,s "Paws On" approach to dog training she has turned into a much calmer and gentler dog. Our Bella is well on her way to becoming a Canine Good Citizen thanks to "Paws On".We highly recommend Paws On Dog Training.


Update: As of August 2010, Bella has successfully passed the CGC test becoming a Certified Canine Good Citizen. Congrats Bella!!


Ken & Darlene Laurita & "Bella"




Amy has been a great help with my fiance Jon and I's Pit bull Squiggles! We adopted him form the Mounmouth County SPCA and he has been a part of the family since! Squiggles needed some basic training and a lot of recall training! Amy was SO GREAT with him! She was very instructive and always made sure that Jon and I got to work with him as well. I've seen some trainers do all the work with the dog and then the dog doesn't respect the owner, but Amy always had sure that Squiggles listened to us as well as our Nan!


Since his training he has been wonderful!! He doesn't pull when on walks, or eat our socks anymore! We can put a cookie right in front of him and say "leave it" and he wont even try to take it until we tell him! Such a good boy!

Thank you Amy for all of your help w/ Squiggles!

Susie Graham & "Squiggles




Sydney is a miniature Australian Shepherd. Sydney came to live with us when she was 8 weeks old from a breeder in Kansas. The breeder warned us that Sydney was exhibiting traits of being timid and may be difficult to adjust to a new home. The breeder was right. We asked our vet for the name of a trainer. The right trainer means everything, and he was not the trainer for Sydney. We then took Sydney to a local pet store and that’s where we met Amy. The way Amy approached Sydney the first time they met we knew we had to have her work with our dog. Through Amy’s training Sydney today is a different dog. She is not afraid to meet people or other dogs and has become a very loving animal. Sydney is still somewhat cautious but now wants to go on her walks and explore.


Sydney’s training will be ongoing and we could not think of anyone else but Amy to be her trainer. The right trainer means everything and Amy is the right trainer.


Lynn and Louis Alfano and “Sydney”